Are you ready for a new photo contest, OR WHAT!! We had this up for a couple hours today, but the blog crashed along with everything else, so here we go again! :)

Let’s get this Photo Contest Party started! It’s an all NEW Photo Contest! There is going to be TWO WAYS to win this time! And the theme is going to be great for EVERYONE! I’m so excited!

Jeramy, I have to hand it to you. You are the man. I read over everyone’s Photo Contest ideas, and I kept coming back to your suggestion. COMFORT it is! The official Photo Contest Theme is COMFORT. I was thinking of doing the theme of Fall, but I love how one of our readers commented on
the fact that not everyone has fall leaves and colors right now. But Fall often means COMFORT to everyone, no matter where you live. So
COMFORT it is!

Little Twist though…this is where it gets even more fun!

I want to do TWO CONTESTS at the same time! I think this would be a great exercise! Both Photo Contests will have the THEME of COMFORT,
but they will have a different focus on the skills used. You can enter both, or you can choose one! It’s up to you!

Photo Contest #1 will focus on close, tighter frames with buttery, blurry backgrounds using lower Fstops. You’ll be putting our Depth of Field conversation from yesterday into practice with a COMFORT theme.

What do I mean by “Depth of Field”? Don’t stress. You can do this. (I KNOW you can not only do it but do a beautiful job at it!) All we’re talking about is showing depth in our images-making our one dimensional images have more of a three dimensional feel. So if you have a lens with the low fstops, you can get your depth by blurring the background, using those low fstops. But if you don’t have a lens with a low fstop, you can show depth and dimension in other creative ways-like lining your family up along the curbside with ice cream cones in hand. Focus on the kid in front, get down low so you can shoot from the hip and give the sense of a never ending line of ice cream eaters. I had to use this image again b/c Ice Cream, specifically Slow Churned Jamoca Almond Fudge with whip cream and chopped almonds, is a little bit of a COMFORT to me.

Me Ra Koh Photo Contest

Photo Contest #2 will focus on BACKGROUNDS that enhance your story! You’ll be shooting COMFORT theme images with a BACKGROUND, but the background has to enhance your story. The background is another character in your story. The background adds depth to your overall

This is one of my favorite COMFORT images that Brian took this summer. It has a background with purpose and depth.

Since the theme for both Photo Contests is COMFORT, you can submit images that have to do with people comforting each other, your kids
bundled up in scarves on a Fall day, the big pot of comfort soup your cooking. The ideas are endless!


(PLEASE use these SIX STEPS as a checklist, SO YOUR IMAGE IS NOT

1. SIZE: Size your image(s) so the longest edge is 600 pixels. (Don’t stress. If you don’t know how to resize
your image, send us what you’ve got anyways. But if you do know how, that would be super helpful.)

2. NAME: Title your Images with your Name and a Number (example: KOH1; KOH2; KOH3, ect.)

3. SUBJECT: Here is the MOST important part so we don’t lose your image! In the Subject Title of
your email, type “BLUR” or “BACKGROUND”. This will let us know which contest your submitting your images too.

4. LOCATION: In the email, include your name and the state you live.

5. BUZZ: Please include any website or blog so that if your image is picked as a Top Five Finalist, I can send great
traffic to YOU! Also, feel free to tell me anything you’d like about the image, but you don’t have too.

6. SUBMIT: Send your submissions to before December 1st 2009!

In the past, people have forgotten to give us all their info and thus, we weren’t able to enter their images. Please make sure
you’ve completed ALL Six Submission Steps!

Have at it friends! I can’t wait to see what you all submit!!

DEADLINE for both COMFORT Photo Contest is December 1st! Both winners will be announced before Christmas!

Wait! We didn’t talk about prizes! Don’t worry, we’re cooking up some SERIOUS prizes. Think “big, bundle of goodies showing up at your front door”! I mean Christmas is around the corner right? You need UPS to bring you something too! :) More details to come!


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  1. Linnea says:

    What a great photo contest. I already have so many ideas running through my head. I can’t wait to get shooting!

  2. Me Ra says:

    Not sure what happened with the formatting on the blog today. Got to love it. :) Hopefully we’ll get kinks worked out soon! Thanks for your patience! xoxo

  3. Kelly Nelson says:

    MeRa- I’m not seeing an example of the Background photo… More Blog gremlins?

  4. Amie says:

    I’m so excited to try this. But I too can’t see the example of using background. I think I know what you mean by that, but an example would be great.

  5. Kerri says:

    I tried submitting but my email keeps getting kicked back. Not sure if there is an issue with it.

  6. Gina says:

    Mera, I’m not able to submit either. I also can’t see the 2nd picture on the blog.


  7. Me Ra says:

    Brother, brother, brother. This has not been my day for technical issues. We’ll look into this in the morning, and get this all straightened out. Never fear! Remember, the red caped guy is on our side! :)

  8. Jeramy says:

    mera….fantastic!!! I’m excited to work on this. Thanks.

  9. Christina says:

    This contest sounds like so much fun! Is it only open to your professional photographer friends though? I’m just a mom learning to use her new camera (thanks to you) and I’d like to give it a whirl! BTW I can’t see the background pic either :-)

  10. jeramy says:

    christina! of course it’s open to you….in fact…if you don’t participate, i will lay down on the floor and cry! i will! :-) seriously everybody….don’t be intimidated and self conscious about your photos. this community on mera’s blog is the most welcoming and nurturing that you will find in the great wide internet. so GO FOR IT!!! i can smell my pumpkin candles and my warming spiced cider while i’m wrapped under my comfy blanket right now….ahhh…..

  11. Christina B says:

    Christina – i submitted a photo in contest a few months ago. figured it wouldnt hurt to give it a try. I only had my camera a month!!!! didnt win LOL BUT was one of the “honorable mentions” lol So give it a try.. You never know =)

    im excited for the contest and cant wait to work on it. Just got done watching DVDs.. gots my notes and ready to go =)

  12. Christina says:

    Thanks Jeramy & Christina B for your encouragement! I’m going to take a stab at the contest…I’m excited!

  13. Sharon says:

    I can’t see the second image either… but, I’m guessing it’s the one of Pascaline rock climbing in Thailand??

  14. Sharon says:

    NO! Its the photo of Pascaline on the beach wrapped in the blanket!

  15. Sharon says:

    I can see the image now… I was wrong! That is an amazing image though!

  16. I love the theme for this contest, and I can’t wait to wrangle something up for it. Thanks for everything you do Me Ra!

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  18. denise karis says:

    mmmmmm that second one is LOOOVELY!!!!
    i love these themes – i cant wait to try something new

  19. […] TWO NEW Photo Contests, TWO WAYS to WIN! Deadline is December 1st! To enter and WIN, read the details HERE! […]

  20. […] TWO NEW Photo Contests, TWO WAYS to WIN! Deadline is December 1st! To enter and WIN, read the details HERE! […]

  21. Sinru says:

    Ahhh! This is exciting. I’m sending mine in. Although I don’t think I’ll get in, but this should be fun!

  22. Leeann Marie says:

    I’ll definitely be submitting! I have some entries in mind :)

  23. Sinru says:

    Do we have to have a title for the photo? b/c I can’t think a nice one!

  24. Charisse says:

    Me Ra, I just stumbled on your blog by accident. You are truly and inspiration and I love how real your personality and desire to help other women succeed. I am starting out kinda late in life 40+, however, I believe it is better late than never. I will definitly be entering this contest and subsribing to your blog.

    Thanks again,

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  26. Tina says:

    Hey Me Ra,

    Just wondering what happened to this contest??
    Did I miss something? Or are you just utterly and completely swamped…lol.
    Can’t imagine you would be…with the Holidays, Soar, and new blog and newsletter…etc…i totally get it.

    Merry Christmas!

  27. Was there every an announcement about this contest? I’ve been checking, but thought I might have missed it.

  28. Jane says:

    I too am wondering if I missed an announcement???? It is now after Christmas and I haven’t seen anything. Just curious

  29. Any news on this contest? Did I miss the post?

  30. Christina says:

    Uh…pretty sure we were left out in the cold on this one guys. Too bad, I was excited about participating and looked forward to seeing the winners.

  31. val says:

    could you please let us know what happened with this, or did i miss an email or something? i submitted a photo but never heard anything. i thought it was going to be announced before christmas?

  32. Tracy says:

    Were the winners ever posted?

  33. Gdevs says:

    I too am curious. I am sure they’re busy with the SOAR contest. We’ll find out soon…hopefully.

  34. Kerry says:

    did anyone win this, because my daughter sent in a picture and I was just curious

  35. Lucy says:

    what happen to the result, MeRa?