When a boy turns ten, his whole world transforms. For starters, his physical body seems to change overnight.  His chubby arms, legs, and squeezable cheeks all slimmed down when I wasn’t looking.  And now I see a boy with a vision to become a man, lanky in shape, and growing so fast I can hardly […]

In a recent interview, I was asked to talk about what inspires me.  For one of the first times, I didn’t say my kids.  In fact, I didn’t even hesitate with my answer.  I said “Moms inspire me!”  At the Seattle CONFIDENCE Workshop this weekend, I was reminded of why this is so deeply true. […]

As we pushed off the dock of our jungle adventure, the rain began to fall. I can’t think of a better photo to express the sentiment of heading home after such a wonderful family journey. Even though it’s always sad to leave this magical place, the kids are excited to see their pets and Grammie […]

It’s the second week of the month, and I LOVE this week because that means all you SOARing ladies get a new photography exercise!  In April, we focused on Capturing Conflict, and our SOAR! Recipients rocked it with their examples!  In March, we focused on Defining Details. This month, we break away from zooming in […]

So excited for tonight’s Ask&Learn, and THRILLED with all your emails and FB pings that tell me how much you love these monthly events on the SOARORITY forum!  Thank you Wendy for helping us keep the SOAR! Forum and Amazing Mom blog posts coming while we are abroad!  (We LOVE you WENDY!) When we last […]

We did the most amazing (SCARY) trek this week!  Our friends who live here full time, showed us the secret trail to the Crystal Chair.  Every ten minutes, our landscape changed from trekking straight into the jungle brush (the kind of jungle brush that is so heavy and thick, you DON’T consider going through it, […]

Escaping the Jungle Heat

In the thick afternoon heat of the jungle, sometimes the only place to escape is under the ceiling fan, surrounded by open windows with a blank page and ready pen. xoxo, m ________________________________________________________________________ Announcing our Running on Empty Winner for Seattle! It was a very difficult choice, as it always. We ask our panel to […]

We heard a sudden crashing yesterday.  It was a distant sound, and then suddenly it was upon us.  A white figure moved through the trees outside our house, swinging from limb to limb with such force and determination, we couldn’t help but stand in awe.  Some people live here for years and never see what […]

Happy belated Easter to everyone from the jungles of Thailand! We’ve been here for almost a week, catching up on sleep, sun, lots of coconut shakes, Thai massage and Green Curry! But the wildlife, the wildlife is blowing us away.  Every time we turn around, nature surprises us.  For example, meet Shway, our new tortoise […]

The Gibbon Apes were singing in my dreams the other night.  I could hear their whooping sounds echoing through the jungles of Thailand as the sun rose in the distance.  The morning heat was already thick, and I pushed back the vegetation with hopes of seeing the Gibbons up in the jungle’s canopy.  They spotted […]